Africa Leadership School has been developed to provide Gospel foundations, biblical equipping and mobilisation of leaders for Church Planting, the marketplace and life.

There are 5 training modules in print and electronic format, supplemented with Dr Michael Eaton's outstanding Bible resources. All our training is applied in small groups.
The objectives of ALS:

To lay foundations in areas of God’s Word, Spirit and life through the following activities:
  1. Involvement in local and trans-local gospel mission will be required from participants.
  2. All five training modules need to be completed.
  3. Participants will be involved in discipleship groups, serving in the local church and marketplace, and church planting, where applicable.
  4. Participants will be working through additional printed, electronic and audio material outside of training sessions and completing various assignments.

The uniqueness of a Bible and leadership based training course such as ALS provides an essential Gospel foundation for church leaders prior to ongoing study at other institutions. In line with this church-based training we have approached SATS (South African Theological Seminary) regarding leaders who may want to study further through the recognition of prior learning.


It was vitally important for us in line with the apostolic injunction ‘to remember the poor’ that we wisely contextualise and apply rich biblical content within the diversity of South Africa and Africa. To achieve this, we have attempted to source rich biblical and leadership material from a variety of sources within our theological tradition and combine this with discussion groups and church planting within local settings.

Alongside this we have established the ALS publishing division through which we produce the training modules and Dr Michael Eaton’s excellent biblical material at affordable prices as part of our vision to train the next generation of leaders. This material features in our 5 training modules, God’s Plan and Purpose (systematic theology), and commentaries on the entire Bible.

The highly mobile course is run over a one year period consisting of five modules. The format consists of four components:

Participants should be serving as a leader in their local church
or involved in a church plant or marketplace venture.

We gather centrally at a given venue, or electronically
for training and equipping.

Group Work
Small discipleship groups are essential for equipping, with local leaders to facilitate the process.

Homework consisting of extra reading, reflection, prayer
and an assignment after each module.

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